less awful political compass

A company’s primary responsibility is to please shareholders.

In order to preserve market equality, the government must sometimes impose restrictions on companies.

In society, order is more important than freedom.

Victimless crimes are not crimes at all.

Many government organizations, like public schools and postal services, should be privatized.

Equality of outcome is more important than equality of opportunity.

The benefits of a one party system outweigh the issues.

It is best for society that everyone is able to pursue their self interest.

In the end, whatever is best for the economy is best for the people.

Welfare is good for society.

It is the government’s responsibility to solve social issues.

What consenting agents do behind closed doors is of no importance to the government.

Minimum wage is harmful.

It is the government’s responsibility to hold companies accountable if they mislead consumers.

The people should be unable to hold the government accountable.

People should be free to follow any ideology.

Economic success can always be achieved through hard work.

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need is a fundamentally good idea.

If an action bothers me enough it should be illegal.

I should be able to do whatever I want without anybody stopping me.

The rich are too highly taxed.

In some situations, the government should provide housing.

People with inherited genetic disorders should not be allowed to reproduce.

People should not be required to buy health insurance.

Those with the ability to pay more should have access to better healthcare.

It is the government’s responsibility to make sure that people are employed.

The government should prevent the spread of ideas that harm society.

People can govern themselves just as well as the government can.

Charities and donations are the best way to help lower classes.

The government should help reduce income inequality.

The government’s primary responsibility is to maintain order.

Society will naturally discipline bad behavior.

The poor should look after themselves.

Without government intervention, large companies will harm the average person more than they will help them.

Those who pose a threat to the stability of a country should not have the right to spread their ideas.

The government should have less power over its citizens.

The best system of taxation is a flat tax.

Everybody should have access to a certain level of healthcare.

Democracy is a failure.

Gun control is bad.

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